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Louisiana Adoption Attorneys, Terri Hoover Odom (formerly Terri Hoover Debnam) and her associate, Emily Debnam, are ready to help you today!  If you're not ready to be a parent, we know people who are.  The choice is YOURS!


An unplanned pregnancy is a scary and confusing time. There is so much to think about and so many decisions to make.  We are here for you.


Since 1989, Terri has successfully provided birth parents with a compassionate plan for the future and couples with the opportunity to love a child.  Terri has completed over 500 private adoptions and many more state agency, intra-family, and adult adoptions.


We have two office locations, one in North Louisiana, in West Monroe, and our South Louisiana Office in Baton Rouge. Our offices facilitate various types of adoption, including: private adoptions, intra-family adoptions, adult adoptions, and state agency adoptions.


We look forward to helping you grow your family through adoption. Thank you for the opportunity to serve!

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