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Danielle and Shana

Thank you so much for considering our family. While we haven't met you, we have the utmost respect for your bravery in making this incredibly personal choice. If you decide we are the right parents for your child, we promise to honor that decision by surrounding him or her with unconditional love, nurturing, and as much laughter as we can squeeze into each day.


We met the old fashioned way – on the internet J. On our first date, we went to a storytelling show and didn't want the night to end. Throughout our first few dates, Danielle was swept off her feet by Shana's karaoke rendition of "Eye of the Tiger," and Shana was struck by how easily she and Danielle could talk, laugh, and sing together for hours. Later, when we moved in together, we had the good fortune of living right next door to our dear friends and their kids, who soon became like extended family. Sharing meals, pet care, and game nights, we got a glimpse of the family life we hope to create.


Even before we met one another, we each dreamed of raising children, and as a same-sex couple, we have chosen adoption as our path to parenthood. We have known birthmothers, adoptees, and other adoptive parents who have taught us about the joys and challenges of adoption. We are fully committed to honoring your role and ensuring that the child understands your love for them in making this choice. We also are committed to ensuring our child has role models that reflect their identity and culture.


We are so ready to welcome a little one into our family! We live close to parks, stores, and schools, but are tucked away on a calm street. Shana's job is a short drive away, where she puts her social work skills to use coordinating an after school program and summer camp. Danielle works from home as an online teacher and tutor. During our free time, we love to have friends over for dinner, make crafts for our nieces and nephews, and take our dogs walking on nearby trails. We can’t wait to expand our adventures to playgrounds and storytime.


We both share a strong commitment to family, as well as values of living gently, welcoming others, and leaving the world better than we found it. We often talk about how we want to parent, and in the meantime, we shower our nieces and nephews with lots of love. We cherish the chance to create our future and our family together, and we thank you for allowing us to introduce ourselves and share our hopes with you. 


With gratitude and hope,

Danielle and Shana

Kelby and Magen

Hello, We are Kelby and Magen and this is probably one of the hardest things we have ever written.   This is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make and one that we know you don’t take lightly.  We have struggled with finding the perfect words to say that would really give you a glimpse of our hearts and how thankful we are for you and the choice you are making.  The courage and heart you have for your baby is something that most pray daily to have. We are so excited to become parents and have the chance to raise your baby in a loving, Christian home.


We met eight years ago and were married on the same date two years later.  After about six months together, we knew that we would spend the rest of our lives together. Since we married, we have been trying to conceive.  Last year, we really felt a call to adoption.  Adoption has always held a special place in our hearts because Kelby’s grandparents were able to start a family by adopting Kelby’s Dad.  Kelby’s aunt was also able to bless a family by giving up her baby up for adoption.  It is because of those situations that we love adoption and the miracle it provides to so many families.  Our hearts were so filled with joy when we finally made that decision; we had to tell everyone over Christmas!  To this very day, that was one of the best days of our lives!  Just to see the reaction and love our families had for a baby, that no one knows yet, was a most special memory that we will cherish forever.  We cannot wait to show the videos and pictures to you - and one day - your baby.


We both enjoy spending time with our family and friends.  We enjoy spending time outdoors at local parks, lakes, and the beach. We cannot wait to have a little one to take along with us.  We have a camp on the lake that we visit throughout the year, and we love going to the beach as often as possible. Magen enjoys shopping, reading, loving on the kids in her classroom and going to the movies.  She cannot wait to read and teach your baby all the wonders of this world.  Kelby enjoys fishing and wood working; it is his dream one day to have a fishing partner to take along with him.


We know how hard this must be for you.  We will never fully realize the courage it takes to choose a new home for your baby without having done it ourselves. Please know that we have prayed for you, we have prayed for your baby, and we have prayed for our future lives as parents. We will raise your baby in a home full of unconditional love and support.


Thank you for taking time to read about us today.


Canaan and Jessica

Hello!  We are Canaan and Jessica.  First, we would like to start by saying that you and the child you are carrying have been at the forefront of our thoughts and prayers for a very long time.  The courage and strength that it takes to bless another family with such a miracle is enormous. We admire you, and want to thank you for taking the time to consider us.  


We have been married for 13 years.  In that time, we have grown in our faith and love to be not only husband and wife, but also best friends.  We struggled with fertility early on in our marriage and tried several times to conceive with no luck. We prayed about it and felt that adoption was God’s plan for our lives.   We are looking forward to being able to share our lives with a child, and are fully dedicated to loving your child as our own, making sure to give him or her every opportunity to thrive in life.


We have small town roots and enjoy doing the simple things that bring us happiness.  Playing board games with our family and hosting dinner at our house are some of the things that bring us joy.  We love go to shows, parades, festivals, and all the sorts of small town things that make life fun. We are very active members in our churches outreach programs, and we always love being a part activities to bring the love of Jesus to others.  When small town life gets too small, we enjoy traveling, and have visited many spectacular places including the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, and Hollywood. We can’t wait to share in all of life’s happy moments like these with a child.


We know that your decision is overwhelming, and comes from a place of the deepest love.  It is our intent that your child will always understand the caring affection that you have for them through this decision.  It is our greatest desire in life to be called mommy and daddy, and without courageous people like you that wouldn’t be possible.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for considering our family.

Zach and Stephanie


Thank you! Thank you from our entire hearts for your courage and bravery in choosing the path of adoption for your child. We would be so honored and grateful if you were to choose us as the parents of your child to raise them as our own and show them all the love that we have and to show them all the wonders this world has to offer.


We met 3 years ago on an online dating website and it has been a wonderful adventure with each other ever since. We knew very shortly after meeting that we wanted to spend our entire lives with each other. We never start or end a day without telling each other “I love you”.


About 10 months into our relationship I found out that I would have to have a partial hysterectomy and would not be able to have a child of our own, I was devastated, I wanted so much for us to have a family together and share all of our love for each other with a child and now this was no longer possible.


After the initial shock of not being able to give birth to a child we decided that adoption was the way we would accomplish the dream of having a family together.

We are ready to start our new journey with a child, to teach them to walk and talk, to ride a bike, to swim, to play to laugh, to hold them and cuddle them and love them forever and ever.


We look forward to learning about you and your life and the hopes and dreams that you have for your child.  Thank You- Zach and Stephanie

Eric and Ashley

Hello!  We are Eric and Ashley.  Our story began in February of 2013, when Eric had an extra ticket for a Mardi Gras Ball, and we were set-up by mutual friends. We decided to meet for dinner one night the week before the Ball.  It was the first blind date either of us had ever been on, which was a little scary for both of us! We ended up talking all evening until the restaurant closed. 


Although it took a little while for either of us to say it out loud, we both knew we were meant to be together from that first night.  We quickly became best friends and got engaged about 7 months later. We were married in April 2014 in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by our family and friends.


We both always new we wanted a family and soon after we got married, we decided that it was time for us to try and start our family.  After two years of trying to conceive naturally and using fertility treatments, our doctor told us that it would not be possible for Ashley to become pregnant because of the treatments received for leukemia 11 years ago.  We know God has a plan for us and cannot wait to welcome a child into our family!  


We are fortunate to both come from close families who are very excited about us welcoming a child into our lives!  All of our parents and grandparents live within 15 minutes of us which makes it so easy for us to spend time together.  We can't wait to watch how wonderful our parents are going to be as grandparents!


Thank you so much for making the loving decision to bring this baby into the world and share him or her with a loving family like ours.  We promise to be the best parents we can be, and to give your baby everything that we have to offer - love, nurturing, the best education, a loving extended family, and so much more.  Please know that if you choose us, your baby will always know about the incredible selfless decision you have made.


We hope that we are the family you choose for your baby, and cannot wait to meet him or her!!

John and Megan

Thank you for considering us as prospective adoptive parents and learn a little about us. We are so grateful for the love you are demonstrating by considering adoption plan for your child. We know that it takes a special person to make this difficult decision. We understand that you want the very best for your child and we will devote our lives to love, care, and provide for him or her. We will love the child unconditionally and eternally.


We are committed to creating a relationship that works for everyone and ensures that your child knows you and your love for them.


We recently moved to a new subdivision and reconnected with some college friends. Since then we have been fortune enough to share in their journey of adoption of their son, Sutton.  We watched this family go through the whole process and saw how it brought light and love into their hearts.  We believe that everything happens for a reason, and us moving here and going through it with them is all part of our destined plan.  


We have been together for 10 years and married for 5 years. We hope we can become parents through this gift. Failed fertility treatments for almost 2 years has been a tough road but choosing our own path and forming a family is our mission. We have not “given up hope” but just fighting the fight in a different way.  We both come from divorce parents, which allowed us to be honest, and real about how hard two imperfect people making a commitment can be.  Through this we know that our love is strong and the love for this child will make it stronger. We both have large extended families and small immediate families that cannot wait to share their love.  Our families are thrilled for the prospect of us adopting and adding to the family.


We are a true Louisianans loving tailgates, festivals and everything Mardi Gras.  We have a wide range of interest from sitting down listening to a zydeco band or something more “fancy” like attending a show in the city. The small town that we live in is perfect in every way including the church that we attend. Our town includes many downtown festivals and child activities. It is a very inviting and family-friendly town. We are very passionate about traveling and exploring new places. We also share a love for all animals including the two rescue dogs we have in the house, Roxanne and NOLA.    


We know looking at profiles can be overwhelming and the choices may seem impossible. This is just a snap-shot of our beautiful, messy, and imperfect lives.  Thank you for taking the time and considering us to be a part of your child’s life. We understand that this decision is the one that will forever connect us and we do not take this lightly. We look forward to learning more about you and would love to share more about us.


We choose adoption.

We choose love.

Kenny and Marybeth

We are Kenny and Marybeth and we want to first and foremost say we admire and are awed by your courage and strength in making this choice of adoption for your baby.  We would be blessed beyond measure to be a part of providing a loving home for your baby. We believe God has a great plan for your baby and would love to be a part of his or her life. 


Kenny and I have been married for five years.  We adopted a little girl almost two years ago and it was the best decision of our lives.  We are fully committed to caring and sharing our lives with a new baby and look forward, with such excitement, to growing our family and enjoying life together.   We make a commitment to you to  completely love your child as our own and ensure he or she is well taken care of and given every opportunity to make the most out of his or her life. 


 We are a very loving and active family.  We enjoy going to the local farmer's market on Saturdays, visiting New Orleans, attending LSU football and basketball games, museums, and church events.  We also like going to the pool in the summer, and taking trips a few times a year.  We love going on walks, riding bikes, and being outdoors.  We also just enjoy being at home and hanging out.  Our home is filled with laughter and love and we want to provide that for your child as well. 


Our heart is for your child to know your deep love and compassion for him or her.

We want your baby to know that your decision to adopt was based on love and your desire to provide the future you believed was best for him or her – a love that is admirable, selfless, and simply beautiful.  We will forever be grateful to you for giving us such a perfect gift and will cherish you and your decision in our hearts forever.  You will always be a part of your child, and we will make sure your love is always with them. 

William and Virginia

Hi! We cannot imagine the emotions that you are going through during this time. We respect you and your adoption plans for your baby.  We know that you must be a wonderful and loving person. You must have a loving heart, to want to bless a couple with such a miracle. We know that you are a very special person and we admire your strength and courage. 


We promise to provide the child with a safe, loving, happy and supportive environment. We promise that they will know how you made us parents and how much they are loved by you. We promise they will know the sacrifices you made for them, so that they would be given the best opportunities in life. We promise to provide them with the best education possible.  We will encourage them to do whatever they want to do in life, we just want them to be happy and fulfilled. We can assure you that we will provide a happy and loving life for them. 


A little about us… We have been married for eight years and we hope that we can become parents, through the gift of adoption. We are kind, caring, friendly and outgoing. We love our family and friends. We are both members of a church.  We both love being outdoors and going to the beach. We are a very active couple. We enjoy taking photographs of things we see and places we travel. William enjoys fishing and horseback riding. Virginia loves decorating the house for the holidays and painting.  We thank you for taking the time to consider us. We have a great love for one another, a great love for our families and our hearts are ready to love a child!  We cannot wait to become a mama and a daddy! Sending love, prayers and blessings!

Tory and Kellie

 Hi, we are Tory and Kellie. We are from the Lafayette area who enjoy spending time with family and friends. We met in 1997 while I was working in a daycare and babysitting his niece and nephew in my spare time. We began dating about 6 months later when he got home from the military. He thought he was slick getting his niece to ask me out for him and we have been inseparable ever since. After about 8 years of dating we were married in December 2005.


We have had the pleasure of helping to raise several nieces and nephews but unfortunately we could not have our own. Children have always been a major part of our lives and we would love to share our lives with your child. As you can see from the pictures your child will be loved by us and enjoy time with grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins. We love to take our nieces and nephews to the zoo, play games, go to fun restaurants, bake cakes and cookies, swimming and fishing and hope to do the same with your child.


We enjoy family vacations and camp weekends with our parents and siblings and our nieces and nephews cannot wait to have their own friend in your child, to create those memories with. We can’t stress enough how much love we have to give and how much we will love, and cherish your child. Tory and I will do everything humanly possible to keep them safe and protected. Please know we are financially secure and will afford your child all of the advantages and possibilities our parents provided to us. We would love nothing more than an opportunity for you to meet us, if you would like, to learn more about us and who we are and the parents we hope to be.


We appreciate your consideration of us and admire you for this difficult decision.

Trevor and Robyn

Hello! Here’s a short video we made for you, introducing ourselves so you can get to know us a bit better.  Hopefully, this will give you an idea about what we believe in, and some the mischief that we get into: www.TheCraneBook.com 


Thanks for taking the time to consider us. The first thing we want you to know is that we recognize how challenging this time probably is for you. We believe that you must have an amazing and beautiful soul to have faith enough to trust that you will find the right parents for your unborn child. We know this is not an easy decision. We hope that this is a new start for you, allowing you to live the life that you want and one that you choose, on your journey to become the woman you were meant to be. We hope, that if you go through the videos we put together for you, and the book we made to tell you more about us, we can help make it easier for you.


Assuming that you choose us, we want you to have confdence that you’re going to feel great about the choice that you’re making.

We believe that everything happens for a reason, and the baby growing inside of you might have been meant to join our family.

After nearly five unsuccessful years of trying to get pregnant (and doing everything we could to make it happen), we recently found out that it finally worked. In fact, early on, we discovered we were having twins. We were overjoyed to hear two heartbeats and to have a successful pregnancy after so many years of trying. However, two weeks later, we found out we lost one of the babies. THIS WAS DEVASTATING NEWS. While we were very grateful to still have one healthy baby growing, this broke our hearts. As we lef the doctor’s office, we both sat in the car and cried.


But through the sadness, we saw a silver lining and thought that maybe this was happening for a reason. We really felt that we were supposed to raise two little kids at the same time and thought that perhaps this meant that there was another baby out there that needed us even more. WE KNOW HOW MUCH COURAGE YOU MUST HAVE TO MAKE THIS CHOICE. You are about to make an important decision that will afect the rest of your life. Perhaps this can give you, and the baby’s daddy, a second chance.


We believe that you should be able to live the life you want, and one that you choose and are looking forward to helping you. WE KNOW WE ARE BLESSED.

If you review the book we put together for you, you’ll see that we already have a 10 year old daughter, Phoenix Rose Crane, (from Trevor’s previous relationship) who helps makes our world even more amazing. And we are truly blessed that we have a healthy baby boy growing inside of Robyn.  Soon we hope to give them a new baby sister… perhaps it’s the baby you’re carrying now.

Mike and Kimberly

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

1 Corinthians 13:13


For us, this journey is one of faith, hope and love. Faith and love got us through a deployment, law school and infertility. Hope has kept us going in the darkest times.


We are Kimberly and Mike. We met in 2001 and became almost immediately inseparable. 4 years and 1 deployment later, we married. We have been lucky to find our way through life together. We always dreamed of having children, but infertility left us heartbroken. We began to feel in our hearts that adoption was the answer. In 2013, we were exceptionally blessed when our son’s birthmother chose us. Danny is the light of our lives. He brings us so much joy.


There is nothing more important to us than family. We prioritize quality time together. The best way to describe us is probably active. Living in New Orleans, there is always a festival or outdoor event and we take full advantage. In addition to outdoor events, we are avid sports fans. We love our Saints, Tigers and Cubs. We look for any excuse to go catch a game. We are also big sci fi fans, and love attending Wizard World annually. For us, it is about creating memories and spending time together. There is nothing better.


We don’t know what has brought you here, but we know you are faced with an incredibly difficult choice. Wherever this journey takes you, we wish you the best. We know that choosing adoption is the ultimate act of love and sacrifice. A decision rooted in deep love for your child.


We hope that your baby is the child that we have hoped and prayed for. Whether or not that is the case, we wish you luck on this journey. May God bless you and your baby.

Trey and Amanda

Hi! We are Amanda, Trey and our son OdIn-Waylon. We have always wanted to adopted and would love nothing more than if you would allow us the opportunity to do so! Adoption is such a selfless act! I admire you on your courage. Amanda is a stay at home mom. She is a very easy going person. She enjoys being outside, reading, spending time with animals and (hopefully if you choose us) our two children. She cooks every night for family dinner at the table. Trey works as an operator. He is a very passionate and funny person. He likes to fish,be outdoors, and have fun with our child (hopefully children (: ) 


We have been married for three years.  We met at a mutual friends house and have been together for five years. We attend a Baptist church in the area. Our son was born in February and we would love to give him a sister as close in age as possible! 

As a family we love to attend local events like the parades and festivals. We are very passionate about traveling and exploring new places. We try to take at least two trips a year. One to the beach some where in the Caribbean normally. The other somewhere in the states. We can not wait to take your child on adventures as well if you feel our family is the right choice. We find music festivals fun and like a wide range of music from country, rock, to Christian. We both share a love for all animals and have a few pets. 


Our favorite holidays are Christmas and Halloween. We always choose a theme and all dress up together for Halloween. For Christmas we love to decorate the house inside and out, go look at Christmas lights and enjoy any Christmas events in the area. 

We are both very centered around extended family and always get together for all holidays and birthdays. We love to take trips to zoos,aquariums, and the park with our aunts,cousins and grandparents. Traditions within our family and extended family are very important to us. 


We hope you will allow us the amazing opportunity to raise a child in a loving, supportive environment, with the freedom to express themselves. We would love for you to choose us and complete our family. A quote Amanda loves is "she is mine in a way that will never be yours;she is yours in a way that will never be mine and together we are motherhood". If you choose to give us this amazing gift we want you to know it makes you no less of a mother. We will never hesitate to share with the child how much you loved her and what a blessing you gave us. We will be forever grateful.  Bless you and good vibes. 

Material presented on the Center for Adoption website is intended for information purposes only. It is not intended as professional advice and should not be construed as such.




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