Intrafamily Adoption

Intrafamily Adoption involves the adoption of a relative, most commonly a stepchild, however any blood or marital relationship may establish grounds for an intrafamily adoption.

Intrafamily Adoptions make up about 20% of our adoption practice; 


Intrafamily adoptions include adoptions of children by their step-parent, grandparent, aunts/uncles, or cousins.  These types of adoptions are not nearly as labor intensive with legal documents as a Priavate Adoption is.  The cost is therefore, much more affordable.(range:  $1500-4500 depending on circumstances and number of children adopted) 


Call our office and set your appointment to discuss your intrafamily adoption.  You will need, the child's birth certificate (if there is more than one child to be adopted, ie, siblings, all can be included in one adoption). You will need the marriage history of the adoptive parent(s) such as marriage license and any prior divorce, and information on every city and state where the adults in the home resided after age 18.  The Court will require FBI background checks and Child Abuse Clearances for the adopting parent and for every person living in the home who is 17 years of age or older.  Intrafamily adoptions are typically finalized in 2-3 months.        



"A child cannot have too many people to love him or her!"

-Former Client

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