Private Adoption

Private Adoption involves  a child, frequently a newborn, that is being placed for adoption by his or her biological parents into the care of non-relatives.  This type of adoption often involves working with the expectant mother during her pregnancy.

PLEASE NOTE: This webpage is for families seeking matching services from our office.  Matching services means that we attempt to match an adoptive family with an expectant mother for a PRIVATE ADOPTION. 


Private Adoption matching services require an application, and currently we are not accepting Applications for Matching Services. Please message our office and we will notify you when we resume accepting applications for new families who desire to be matched with an expectant birthmother.


*  If you already have a match with an expectant mother, please call either the West Monroe or Baton Rouge office for an appointment.

One Birth Mother Writes:

"Dear Adopted Family, it was devastating when I found out I was pregnant, but I stayed on my knees and asked the Lord for strength to get through the next six months. The end result, He blessed me with Mrs. Terri, you and most beautiful of all, a baby to become the love of your lives."

If you are interested in opening a file as a prospective adoptive couple/client there are several things you must do:


1. Please print out the:

Application for Matching Services
Adobe Acrobat document [145.5 KB]

or call our office
Toll Free at 1-800-286-6046  or 1-318-387-8811 or 225-448-5883
to have an application mailed to you.


2. Mail the completed application, along with a recent snapshot of your family, a homestudy (if available), and a check in the amount of $1,500.00**, which represents the opening of your file to:


West Monroe Office:

Terri H. Odom, Attorney at Law

500 North 7th Street

West Monroe, LA  71291





Baton Rouge Office:

Emily M. Debnam, Attorney at Law

1055 Laurel Street

Baton Rouge, LA 70802



METHODS OF PAYMENT: You may also pay your application fee using the LawPay credit card service or wiring the fee as indicated on our "Make a Payment" page. Click here: Pay Application Fee


3. Upon our receipt of the above items, we will call to schedule your appointment with Mrs. Terri or Ms. Emily. In your initial meeting, one of the attorneys will discuss the adoption process, our services, your couple profile, opportunities to be a Featured Couple on this website, and advertising.


4. After your initial meeting, you may call our office at any time to discuss the completion of your couple profile or advertising.





Thank you for your interest in this wonderful process, and we look forward to talking with you in the future!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How long will it take to find us a child?

This is always the #1 question for adoptive families! We know that all adoptive parents are so anxious to grow their family. Our office will work with you to help locate a child. The time frame is often determined by the sex or race of the child.

2. What fees are we, the adoptive parents, responsible for paying?

Fees in adoption vary, depending on the needs of the birthmother and the legal requirements of the state where the adoption will be finalized. We will provide you with a retainer agreement when a birthmother is matched with you, and the retainer agreement will set forth a detailed estimate of all fees and expenses anticipated. In Louisiana, there may be living expenses, medical expenses, attorney fees, counseling fees, administrative fees and court costs.


To be placed on Mrs. Terri's adoptive parent registry, you will need to complete the application on this website and include the $1,500.00 application fee for the one hour informational meeting and other assistance that fee includes. See more:  I Want to Adopt


In other cases, if you contact The Law Offices of Terri Odom for a consultation for either a private adoption where you already have met your birth mother, or if you contact Mrs. Odom or Ms. Debnam for consultation on an Intra-family adoption or adult adoption, you will pay a $250.00 consultation fee prior to the meeting, which amount will be credited to you upon your retaining The Law Offices of Terri Odom at that meeting.

3. When will the adoption become final?

Every state has its own law regarding the time which an adoption can be finalized. In Louisiana, a private adoption is finalized after one year, unless the birth mother surrenders to an agency. Louisiana agencies can finalize an adoption in six months. Our office can help you in either case. 

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