State Adoptions

State Agency (DCFS) adoptions involve  foster children, in custody of DCFS, being formally adopted by their foster parents.

In addition to facilitating private, intra-family, and adult adoption, our office is very active with our local state agencies in processing state adoptions


After a child in foster care is freed for adoption through the proper channels, our office is contacted either by the adoptive foster parents or by DCFS on behalf of the adoptive parents.  At that point in time the state sends us a packet of the necessary documents, and we gather important information from the adoptive parents and draft the adoption pleadings.   We work diligently and always process state adoptions within 10 days or less of receipt of the packet from DCFS.


We are very proud of our prompt and efficient handling of our state adoptions.  Our local DCFS region is repeatedly commended for their diligent processing of state adoptions, and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to be apart of that!  It is a blessing to watch these children be formally, officially placed with their forever families!     


Please contact your local DCFS office if you are interested in becoming a foster parent.

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